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DMM iD patent granted

25 July, 2018

DMM iD continues to evolve and we are now pleased to announce that the first patent on our system has been granted.

First showing at Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2018

23 April, 2018

First showing at Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2018

New Products at A+A 2017

17 October, 2017

From 17 – 20 October DMM Professional will be showcasing its latest new products at the A+A International Trade Fair for safety, security and health at work in Düsseldorf.

DMM iD gains OutDoor Industry Award

22 June, 2017

At the OutDoor 2017 trade show in Friedrichshafen, DMM iD was judged to deserve an Industry Award in the ‘Concepts and Services’ category, for having "the potential to set new benchmarks for design and innovation in the outdoor industry."

Kaieteur Falls rope line

04 April, 2017

Waldo Etherington recently faced one of his more challenging rigging jobs, setting up a 350-metre tensioned rope line from the top of the Kaieteur Falls to its base set in pristine rain forest.

The Compact Swivel Range

19 December, 2016

DMM’s range of Compact Swivels allow torsion management in a compact form. These small, strong swivels reduce system height and help prevent twisted lines.

DMM awarded Gold for Investors in People

28 October, 2016

DMM is proud to have attained the Investors in People (IIP) gold standard, joining the top seven percent of accredited organisations across the UK.

New Rope Protection Range

11 October, 2016

DMM’s new RopePro range uses aramid (Kevlar®) and traditional coir matting to protect elements of PPE such as ropes, lanyards and slings, as well as safeguard property from rope damage.

Reinvesting for continued growth

05 May, 2016

Sustained growth for the past six years has allowed DMM to reinvest in capital equipment and increase the workforce. The CNC and sewing departments in particular have seen significant investment and with innovation at the heart of DMM's new products intellectual property (IP) protection is a critical consideration.

North Star gondola rescue system

06 April, 2016

How do you go about rescuing people from a gondola style capsule mounted on a hydraulic arm sitting atop of one of the largest passenger ships ever to set sail? STC worked with Royal Caribbean to come up with an ingenious solution.

Carabiners join the Internet of Things

10 November, 2015

DMM recently demonstrated RFID (radio frequency identification) technology integrated into metal products as small as carabiners, with one of the benefits being enhanced traceability.

Update: Recall Returns

24 September, 2015

Further to our carabiner recall notice and returns procedure, here is some information that reflects our knowledge of the current situation.

Recall Returns Procedure

18 September, 2015

Further to our September 14th 2015 Product Recall Notice please find additional information on how customers can return any potentially faulty carabiners in their possession to DMM.

DMM Product Recall

14 September, 2015

DMM are issuing a product recall, subject to user inspection.

DMM Product Safety Warning

11 September, 2015

DMM Product Recall 14/09/2015 – We are issuing a recall, subject to user inspection on certain locking carabiners

UKRO 2015 Rope Rescue Challenge

05 August, 2015

The Fire Service College at Moreton-in-Marsh recently hosted the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) Challenge 2015 that took place over two days. In the rope rescue element teams were set seven scenarios to complete against the clock.

Talon Steep Earth Anchor

30 June, 2015

DMM's steep earth anchor, the Talon, is now available. It is an ideal solution for rigging in situations where the only anchor option is the earth itself.

Evolution of a DMM pulley

12 March, 2015

In general terms pulleys are all about efficiency. The current generation of DMM pulleys have been designed for the rope to run at a higher efficiency for a greater deviation than with a standard pulley.

Sales team strengthened

18 December, 2014

The highly experienced arborist, Christian 'Puk' Kruck, has been appointed as DMM's Technical Sales Rep for the tree care and rope access market in Germany and Benelux.

Cutting Edge CNC Technology

13 October, 2014

DMM has taken delivery of a new Mazak Nexus 4000-III CNC machine that will dramatically increase its capacity for the precision machining of forged components.

Marker's Kingpin Tech Ski Binding

15 September, 2014

Skiing may seem a long way removed from climbing equipment but the same technical skills in working with metal are necessary for bespoke products such as the DMM manufactured components used in these new Marker Kingpin tech ski bindings.

DMM and Papertrail partnership

04 September, 2014

DMM are partnering with safety management software specialists, Papertrail, to easily record inspections of climbing and fall protection equipment.

Edgehog: innovative rope protection

29 July, 2014

The Edgehog is DMM's innovative answer to the problem of rope protection when it is fed through a mesh grating for access work or rescue. Ropes rigged above the grating and passing through it are isolated from potentially damaging sharp edges.

London Fire Brigade at GRIMP Day

07 July, 2014

It was DMM's privilege to support the London Fire Brigade Rope Rescue Team at the 2014 GRIMP Day: an international challenge event for search and rescue teams.

Pretty in pink

11 October, 2013

DMM staff have been looking pretty in pink supporting our fund raising efforts for the charity, Against Breast Cancer, by buying a DMM Professional pink 'ribbon' t-shirt, with all proceeds going to the charity.

Reinvestment at DMM

07 November, 2012

DMM has been busy over the summer and autumn reinvesting in the company to improve efficiency and support product development. “In engineering, as with any other business, it's important to keep up with and take advantage of technological change." 

DMM wins Welsh Exporter of the Year Award

06 December, 2011

DMM's strong export growth helps it win Welsh Exporter of the Year in the Daily Post Achievement Wales Awards.