Bat Plates [{ "Product Name": "XS Rigging Plate", "Product Code": "RIG-XS-OR", "EAN": "5031290202770", "Colour": "Orange", "MBS": "36kN", "WLL": "7kN", "Dimensions": "62 x 62 x 8mm", "Weight": "37g", "Conformance": "" },{ "Product Name": "Small Rigging Plate", "Product Code": "RIG-S-RD", "EAN": "5031290202749", "Colour": "Red", "MBS": "60kN", "WLL": "12kN", "Dimensions": "129 x 95 x 10mm", "Weight": "159g", "Conformance": "" },{ "Product Name": "Medium Rigging Plate", "Product Code": "RIG-M-BL", "EAN": "5031290202756", "Colour": "Blue", "MBS": "60kN", "WLL": "12kN", "Dimensions": "189 x 97 x 10mm", "Weight": "247g", "Conformance": "" },{ "Product Name": "Large Rigging Plate", "Product Code": "RIG-L-GD", "EAN": "5031290202763", "Colour": "Gold", "MBS": "60kN", "WLL": "12kN", "Dimensions": "249 x 99 x 10mm", "Weight": "322g", "Conformance": "" }]
  • Four sizes for all rigging configurations
  • Textile friendly surfaces with large radii
  • Centralised connection point for stable rescuer attachment
  • Can be bolted together for '100% redundancy' in system
  • CNC machined from high strength heat treated Aluminium
  • Conforms to NFPA 1983 (2012 Ed) Class G

    Bat Plates

    Textile friendly rigging plates that minimises system height in complex rigging scenarios, and can be bolted together for complete redundancy.

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    Rigging Hubs [{ "Product Name": "Rigging Hub Small", "Product Code": "ARB-HUB108", "EAN": "5031290200325", "Colour": "Purple", "MBS": "80/45kN", "WLL": "16/9kN", "Dimensions": "119mm", "Weight": "260g", "Conformance": "NFPA 1983 (2012ED) G" },{ "Product Name": "Rigging Hub Large", "Product Code": "ARB-HUB175", "EAN": "5031290200332", "Colour": "Purple", "MBS": "150/45kN", "WLL": "30/9kN", "Dimensions": "169mm", "Weight": "550g", "Conformance": "NFPA 1983 (2012ED) G" }]
    • Textile friendly connection points suitable for rope, webbing and opposed connectors
    • Central hole can accommodate a running rope and facilitates 3D rigging
    • CNC machined from top grade alloy for strength, durability and lightness
    • Recommended for rescue and rigging applications

      Rigging Hubs

      Symmetrical, textile friendly rigging plates that can be used as central connection points in complex rigging.

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      Anchor Rings [{"Product Name":"Anchor Ring 26mm","Product Code":"R500-26","EAN":"5031290200349","Colour":"Green","MBS":"30kN","WLL":"6kN","Dimensions":"26mm ID x 12mm","Weight":"38g","Conformance":""},{"Product Name":"Anchor Ring 28mm","Product Code":"R500-28","EAN":"5031290200356","Colour":"Green","MBS":"30kN","WLL":"6kN","Dimensions":"28mm ID x 12mm","Weight":"41g","Conformance":""},{"Product Name":"Anchor Ring 34mm","Product Code":"R500-34","EAN":"5031290200363","Colour":"Green","MBS":"30kN","WLL":"6kN","Dimensions":"34mm ID x 12mm","Weight":"48g","Conformance":""},{"Product Name":"Anchor Ring 40mm","Product Code":"R500-40","EAN":"5031290200370","Colour":"Green","MBS":"30kN","WLL":"6kN","Dimensions":"40mm ID x 12mm","Weight":"51g","Conformance":""}]

        Anchor Rings

        Textile friendly, lightweight connection points that can be loaded from any angle.

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