DMM iD patent granted

DMM | 25 July, 2018
DMM iD patent granted

DMM iD patent grantedDMM iD continues to evolve and we are now pleased to announce that the first patent on our system has been granted.

After the last two years of successfully delivering smart personal protective equipment (PPE) technology worldwide this is great news for us. Feedback from our customers so far is that DMM iD makes item level inspection and inventory management more efficient, and that our simple RFID system works ‘out of the box’ while being easy to deploy/integrate into any organisation.

iD Search, accessed through our mobile app or the website, is used by customers to access DMM iD product info; saving hours and days when creating good safety management systems and PPE records.

When you’ve received DMM iD products, simply scan the serial numbers into either our mobile app (iOS / Android) or at You’ll be presented with the product information including EU Declarations of Conformity and user instructions. You then have the choice of downloading the product info into a CSV file for your Microsoft Excel records or adding it to a Papertrail account, removing the error and time associated with manual data entry. It’s as simple as that.

Go to and click iD Search or use the DMM iD App
Scan DMM iD product serials into iD Search
Access EU Declarations of Conformity & User Instructions
Download DMM iD product info CSV for use in Excel, or…
Click "Add to Papertrail", for FREE smart PPE management

To help you keep track and manage your new equipment we are pleased to offer free access to the Papertrail PPE Inspection Management System for the lifetime of your DMM iD integrated equipment.

You may already have other equipment you wish to manage using Papertrail. If you would like to upgrade your free DMM Papertrail subscription to include non DMM iD kit the starting options and prices are set out here.

Non-DMM iD integrated equipment can be retro fitted with our iD Tags, enabling you to connect the iD Tag to your PPE serial number, giving management of these items the same advantages as our iD products.

As we have presented and delivered our ‘read on contact’ RFID solution, the desire to read PPE items over longer distances has been made clear by our customers. Selecting UHF RFID, rather than other technologies such as NFC, has future-proofed us to be able to deliver these requests moving forward.

Join us on the journey to even faster and more efficient PPE management.

For further information contact Robert Partridge, product manager, , 01286 873509