Rope Devices

Buddy [{ "Product Name": "Buddy 100", "Product Code": "BUD100", "EAN": "5031290196628", "Colour": "Gold", "Dimensions": "95 x 78 x 29mm", "Rope Diameter": "10.5 - 11mm", "Weight": "192g", "Certification": "EN 353-2:2002" },{ "Product Name": "Buddy 200", "Product Code": "BUD200", "EAN": "5031290196635", "Colour": "Red", "Dimensions": "95 x 78 x 29mm", "Rope Diameter": "11 - 12mm", "Weight": "192g", "Certification": "EN 353-2:2002" }]
  • Designed for use on 10.5 - 11mm ropes conforming to EN 1891:1998
  • Rated for single person loading
  • Free-following protection both up and down a safety line
  • Constant cam angle for smooth and predictable operation
  • Screw lockable for semi-permanent attachment to rope
  • Easily cleaned and inspected
  • Tether cord facility
  • Large attachment eye for multiple connections


    A hands free fall arrest device that follows the user up and down the rope, for use on ropes from 10.5mm to 11mm.

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    Figure of Eight [{ "Product Name": "Figure of Eight + Belay Master", "Product Code": "A1150/872", "EAN": "5031290202800", "Colour": "Silver/Titanium", "Weight": "208g", "Rope Diameter": "", "Certification": "EN15151-2:2013, EN 362:2004 B, EN 12275:1998 B & H" },{ "Product Name": "Figure of Eight", "Product Code": "A1150P", "EAN": "5031290101073", "Colour": "Silver", "Weight": "116g", "Rope Diameter": "", "Certification": "EN15151-2:2013" }]
    • Abseil specific device for increased control when abseiling
    • Robust design for intensive use

      Figure of Eight

      A classic abseil device, ideal for making smooth descents.

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