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Accessory Cord

Our static accessory cords are both supple and robust. Available in seven different diameters ranging from 2mm to 8mm, each one has an individual, bright colour to aid identification. With far too many applications to list accessory cord is indispensable. In the height safety industry alone its uses vary from tool lanyards to prussic loops, and rope protector attachments to throw lines. This accessory cord is NOT PPE

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Product NameProduct CodeColourDiameterLengthWeight (g/m)Impact ForceCertification
Accessory CordRP002BL-100Blue/Grey2mm100m - 2mm2.1g/m0.5kN-
Accessory CordRP003NA-100Navy/Grey3mm100m - 3mm6g/m2kN-
Accessory CordRP004PR-100Purple/Grey4mm100m - 4mm10g/m4kNEN 564:2006
Accessory CordRP005RD-100Red/Grey5mm100m - 5mm15g/m6kNEN 564:2006
Accessory CordRP006OR-100Orange/Grey6mm100m - 6mm25g/m8kNEN 564:2006
Accessory CordRP007YE-100Yellow7mm100m - 7mm32g/m14kNEN 564:2006
Accessory CordRP008GR-100Green/Grey8mm100m - 8mm41g/m16kNEN 564:2006