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Very light, very strong and very useable. The DMM Phantom is the lightest and most compact locking connector in our Professional range at only 42g. Impressively strong for its size and weight yet still useable with a gloved hand. Lighten up your tool bag with these and you'll never look back.

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The Offset D connector shape takes the optimal loading of a D-shaped connector but with an increased internal volume at one end - the basket. This adds to the positivity in the hand, especially when wearing gloves.
Product NameProduct CodeColourMBS (Major Axis)MBS (Minor Axis)MBS (Gate Open)DimensionsWeightGate Opening (X)Conformance
Phantom ScrewgateA312Titanium/Lime24kN9kN9kN54 x 94mm42g15mmEN 362:2004 B, EN 12275:2013 B
Screwgate - Non auto-locking gate which requires two actions to open, and is easy to use with one hand. Screwgates are suitable in systems where anchor points can be easily monitored and are unlikely to be affected by running ropes.
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