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Where value for money and durability are key the Aero Offset D covers all bases. A hot forged carabiner with a neat design and a clean keylock nose to reduce snagging. Medium size for ease of use with gloved hands.

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The Offset D connector shape takes the optimal loading of a D-shaped connector but with an increased internal volume at one end - the basket. This adds to the positivity in the hand, especially when wearing gloves.
Product NameProduct CodeColourDimensionsWeightMBS (Major Axis)MBS (Minor Axis)MBS (Gate Open)Gate Opening (X)Certification
Aero ScrewgateA372Titanium/Lime62 x 102mm60g25kN9kN9kN19mmEN362:2004 B, EN12275:2013 B, UIAA121:2009
    • Phantom
    • Shadow